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Since 2008, Hong Kong is considered to be one of the most important wine-hub in Asia. There is over 20 million liter of wines re-export to other countries, rapidly increase 25.9% compare with 2014. Not to mention, the total import of wine is 45 million liter, which valued at HKD 7.4 Billion. This rapidly evolving market place has been nonetheless characterized by an unlimited choice of wines and Hong Kong became the trendsetter of wine & spirit in the Greater China market. However, there are still insufficient rating references and benchmarks resulting consumer confusion.


As The Most Influential and Important Wine Magazine in Hong Kong as well as in Greater China, WL decided to establish a new standard of Wine Rating for Greater China Market - WL International Awards. The Goal of WL International Awards has been to provide a standard of excellence to allow Greater China Wine Consumers to taste/buy with confidence wines that have been judged by a combined panel of international wine professionals to be best suited for the market and palate.  With a 100 Points Rating System, consumers in the Greater China market can be easily understand and find out the most suitable wines & spirits for enjoyment as well as to pair with local cuisines.

WL International Awards would be held in 4 th Sep to 6th Sep 2018 at Restaurants and Bar Hong Kong in HKCEC.


By organizing a benchmarking Wine Awards in Greater China, participation of leading wine companies (both large and small) will also enter our Wine Awards. This confirms the importance of WL International Awards to serious players in the Wine & Spirit Trade. Therefore, we have developed a core of over 50 professional tasters who can easily hold their own with the best of their counterparts internationally. 


WL International Awards is reflecting the increasing importance of the retail wine market in Greater China, as wineries internationally see it as the key measure for success and an important and unique marketing tool to develop trade and consumer awareness for wines that can deliver excellent quality at affordable value.

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